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Siteshare Version 2 released

Dublin, January 14th 2013

Siteshare, a leader in telecoms site management, announced the release of Siteshare Version 2. This is a major update to our application platform and introduces even better integration between our applications. We've improved almost every aspect of Siteshare and implemented major changes to navigation and the user interface design. We've also made significant improvements to online help and support pages.

3 Database modes supported:

- Shared (common) database hosted in the cloud and shared by all customers and contractors.
- Private database where any customer can access their own private database for ultimate security and confidentially.
- A Hybrid mode where common public information is hosted in the shared cloud database and private confidential data is hosted in a private database.
- Private database on your own in-house server if required.

This new database support provides the most flexible solution for our customers.

Improved User interface

An all new and improved user interface that makes much better use of the available screen space. User options are better displayed for ease of use and

Simplified nominal access

We've simplified the access to nominals and sites providing our uses with an easier way to find and access sites.

Agent Support:

Siteshare now supports the concept of an agent - this is essentially a primary contractor or other organisation that manages and controls your sites but is not the legal tenant. In a time of consolidation in the telecoms market the agent support provides a powerful solution for joint venture companies that act on behalf of primary tenants.

Server Status

All services running normally