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Siteshare Version 2 Released

January 2013

We're delighted to announce the release of Siteshare Version 2. This is a major update to our application platform and introduces even better integration between our applications. We've improved almost every aspect of Siteshare and implemented major changes to navigation and the user interface design. We've also made significant improvements to online help and support pages.

For more information on the Siteshare V2 please click here

Workflow manager release V2

July 2012

Today we released version 2 of our workflow/project app. Define and build your workflow for site rollout, inspections or any other repetitive activity list.

For more information on the workflow application please click here

New Asset register

March 2012

Siteshare today released its new integrated asset register. This is a powerful, template driven asset register that allows you to track and manage assets of any type. Record movements of assets from stock to site, RMI and scappage. Our asset manager ca also integrate with your estates manager to ensure that every item of equipment installed on a site is billed correctly.

For more information on the asset register please click here

Lone Worker App released

April 2011

We have just released version 1 of our lone worker safety application. This flexible app allows staff or contractors working alone on sites to be monitored by text message to ensure their safety. You can configure and set up Lone worker to suit your method of operation using the flexible settings interface.

Lone worker also integrates with the booking and access manager so that activity on site is tied directly to an active booking.

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