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Booking & Access control

Controlling access to your sites can be time consuming and costly. Managing contractor and staff certification, booking overlap, health and safety and access and location information is difficult and very expensive.

Siteshare helps you take control of and manage your sites, their activity and control your costs with an online suite of applications specifically designed for the multiple site provider.


Managing access to sites carries a high overhead and therefore a high cost. Large site portfolios require multiple staff to cater for the access requests and possibly 24 hour and weekend coverage.

- Reduces your costs by reducing the level of staff required to manage access
- Increases access request throughput by automatic approval for standard access requests
- Makes your sites more appealing to operators as management is simpler and incurs fewer delays
- Scalable. As your site portfolio grows your access requests also increases.
- Automatic approval 24/7 for 95% of access requests
- Ensures and manages health and safety compliance across contractors and tenants


How it works

Providing access to your site requires co-ordination between all parties that are using or visiting your site. We provide each site with a custom booking calendar which allows you, your tenants or customers, and contractors to find a free day, book it and receive approval for the visit.

The site provider can choose to have all bookings automatically approved, or limit automatic approval to ground bookings only. In addition Siteshare can verify that the contractor or tenant visiting the site has the appropriate training before the booking is approved.

Major Features

- Instantaneous approval for 90% of bookings
- Supports tenants, contractors and up to 5 levels of sub-contractors
- Multiple approval configurations to suit any site provider requirement
- Support for emergency access bookings
- Each site can be auto approval if unattended or approvals can be routed to approvals team
- Bookings from contractors can be routed to the requesting tenant/operator for pre-approval first.
- Force contractors to close previous bookings before opening new booking
- Ensure quality control by having contractors close bookings and document what work was carried out on site
- Update asset register on completion of booking (for new equipment, swap out or decommission)
- Supports different requirements for booking at height and at ground level
- plus 30 more major options and features

Customise your setup

We realize that no two sites operate in the same way - to manage this we've built a comprehensive and flexible rules engine that allows us to configure our booking and approvals software to suit your individual site requirements. We can do this for all sites or customise it for specific rules for specific sites.


Our Booking application is fully integrated with our health and safety manager and our contractor accreditation manager. This allows you to fully control all aspects of access to your sites - from Site availability to ensuring that contractors have the correct training before visiting your sites.

In addition, assets can be automatically updated when closing the booking to accurately reflect any changes to assets on the site.


All site providers have regulatory compliance obligations. From managing hazards and risks on the site, to ensuring contractor compliance the list is endless. Complying with these regulations' means that site providers need to track and manage access from any contractor, whether employed directly by the site provider, or via a tenant or customer.

Siteshare helps site providers actively manage these requirements and ensures that you stay compliant in an ever changing market:

- Track and share hazards and risks with your contractors and tenants
- Automatically share hazards created by one tenant to all other tenants with equipment on your site
- Ensure tenants and operators properly assess their contractors for competency.

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